Thursday, August 18, 2011

20 kids

I finally got to my 20th novel/series idea earlier this week, when another foray into Roman mythology made me really want to write a story about one of those great warriors/loves who gets immortalized and how you get demoted from a god status. So I have 20 baby plot bunnies running around in my head.

In terms of my finished book, I really need to do more work. In terms of the one I'm trying to work on, I really need to do more work. I'm doing a lot of pacing brainstorming, researching, etc. Something not to ask your friend's husband unless it's before dinner, which it was: "How quickly does blood coagulate?"

Mostly, this has been the summer of "thou shalt stress about everything BUT writing." I choreographed half a show, taught a lot of people how to do said choreography, performed that show to raise money for cancer research. Probably developed an ulcer doing it.

My current goal is to submit to ten more agents and/or publishers by the time it has been a year since I finished the book. I think that's not an unreasonable goal.