Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

Sometimes, I enjoy my weirder dreams.  When I was mostly unconscious today, I had an entire scene come into my head for Wingspan.  No, it didn't have something to do with a sparkly vampire.  It didn't even have to do with a life-or-death chase through Philadelphia like the time I had pneumonia.

It was a conversation that started out where I was currently stuck on expanding a certain thread.  In Wingspan, one of my major issues for characterization is the friendship with a slightly mean-girl person.  She thinks Aislin's a hermit at best and some kind of freak at worst.  Usually, she's polite enough to not mention it and that's why Maeve is still able to be friends with her.  She does usually tell this friend to knock it off.

I've been trying to gracefully work less of an acceptance into the storyline to turn Maeve in public into the kind of loyal sister that she is in private.  I think I have found how.