Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stage fright

So, I finished Wingspan a few days before going to San Diego.  Now I have read it through and am pretty sure it doesn't suck.  Now I need to have it proofread by that wonderful person who made my first 50 pages worth reading.

The problem really is stage fright.  I am the kind of person who wrote all their stories in a notebook in middle school and never let anyone read them.   The least in-character thing I did in the first half of my life was start posting fanfiction, where people could not only read the crap I came up with but comment on it.  The fanfic people have been very kind to me.

On the other hand, everything in this book is either something that I've come up with or something that I've reinterpreted from a friend's brilliant idea.  The proofreader is one of those friends.  In fact, she told me, "It can't suck.  It's got too much of my stuff in it."  I laughed and agreed on principle.

So, goal for this week is to read it through and then send her the email.  Heaven help me.