Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Update on quite a few things

I've been too distracted to update here for a while, but I figured I should give you some newsflashes.

1)  Kate got me the edited version of Wingspan back with two days to spare before my vacation.  I had told her that on the day that I had to leave, I was taking the copy back no matter what and working with what she had so far.  She cleverly kept telling me that she was reading one book or another while she was really scribbling comments.  I read the comments and the book all the way through while I was in New York City to see Swan Lake at the ABT and when I got home, I set to work again.  I am a couple of scenes from finishing it.

2)  In the meantime, I haven't been blogging much because I write for whatculture.com.  So far, my entries aren't all that profound--"5 Transformers characters who deserve more stories" or "6 No-Fail Funny Websites"--but they're very fun to write and invariably put me in a better mood.

3)  A friend has asked me to co-author an allegorical children's book.  We're very much in the planning stages, but I'm looking forward to it.