Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Blog Tour: Ritchfield's "From Enslaved to Saved" Announcement

I have been bad.  I have my notes and digital copy of this book on my phone and currently have a phone that will not charge.  Therefore, I can say the following:  His book was doctrinally sound and thought-provoking and his Greek checked out.  I have a lot more to say, but I can't access it.  I will post properly when my phone is fixed (hopefully soon).

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I told you that would be my post-edits announcement.  It took over 37,000 words, several incredibly helpful friends, one month and one day and a lot of stress, but I got Wingspan into the 5-figure range.  I promised myself I'd do it before I left for my well-earned vacation to California and that meant that while I finished the edit on the 20th, I finished the formatting at the SLC airport on the 21st and sent the e-mail to the mysterious E. from Gate E-80, where I was waiting for the flight from Utah to San Jose.

But whatever!  I did it!  The hardest part of the whole process was getting to the last page of the book and discovering that I still had 6656 words left.  Then I turned back to page 1 and had 15 words per page that I had to cut instead of 68.  When I was cutting 65 per page, I felt immensely powerful.  Later on, it was more in the range of 35 words per page until it trickled down to a handful per page by the end.

So, now that I'm back from 5 days in the Bay Area (sort of), I thought I'd post my happiness and also give a few Easter eggs.

EE1:  The tarot reader is named Marianne, in honor of the friend who not only did my first reading but gave me my own tarot deck a couple of years ago.
EE2:  Avril is a variation on an old roommate and channels her occasionally.
EE3:  Sosi is based on an Armenian-American friend from choir and would have been named Vana if I didn't want to go with something different.
EE4:  The therapist is named for one of my nephews.  It doesn'r use the last name, but the rest is the same.
EE5:  At one point, the Byrne family goes to an unnamed restaurant in Wayland for a special occasion.  This is an Easter egg because the restaurant it's meant to be (Which is sadly closed now) is called Hillary's.  If you know me in real life, you'll understand who that's honoring.  It's also where my family went for special occasions as well.
EE6:  The therapist is named for a nephew by my younger sister.  The Byrne sisters' favorite aunt has a name that's just one letter away from matching hers.
EE7:  All of the girls on the JV soccer team are named for people I disliked in my hometown, especially the idiot named Mari.