Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hi, I'm Ish. And I'm a novelist


Yes, that was meant to sound like an AA introduction.

Novel-writing is a privilege and a pain-staking process. Sure, anyone can do it. Just look at Nanowrimo.org. Few can do it well. I'm trying to fit into the latter category.

Since I am currently working on a novel that I hope to get published, I decided I'd like to write a blog about the process.

About Me

I'm Ish, I'm 29 and I've been writing seriously since...well, about 4th grade. That was when I decided that I could just write as well as Ann M. Martin and wrote a book about a girl who has to move to Hawaii with her parents and the friends she left behind. It strongly resembled a Baby-Sitter's Club book, but hey, it was mine.

I haven't gotten much published. One poem, one short story and several personal essays. My first publication paid me $20 and I bought Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for my younger brother's birthday with it.

If you've seen my writing around, it's probably because you fall into one of three categories: A fanfic reader, a fan of iEmily.com or a friend. I write everything from Star Wars to West Wing and back again. I'm DarthIshtar on boards.theforce.net and fanfiction.net. I'm ImprintedIsh on ramblingsandthoughts.com. I'm Kathryn Olsen at nanowrimo.org.

I'm from Boston. I'm a tech support supervisor for a software company in Utah. I want to be a librarian someday. I'm bilingual in English and Spanish and when it comes to languages, I'm overeducated. I also spend too much time thinking about the Red Sox.

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