Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I'm now in the throes of the ending. I could put it in a much vulgar way, but I'm not going to. :)

Since I last posted, I've mostly been doing job-hunting and feeling depressed. The aforementioned friend who was in bad condition during my last post did pass away and we'll all miss her dearly.

I went hiking for two days in Wyoming. Love that state and it was good to clear my head and release some endorphins. Dancing a lot for the Broadway revue I'm in has helped as well.

I'm now past 105k on the word count. H. of the fantabulous Philadelphia trip was the first person to read the scene that started the whole final battle.

And on a final, even more random note, I need to stop watching TV. Not only has my friend Dana gotten me into LOST, but I'm trying to watch the rest of the animated Avatar series and then I took a look at Make It or Break It and got enthralled. But on the up side, I was introduced to the acting of Ayla Kell, who is just awesome. She is now the face that I put to what I think of as Ella.

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