Friday, September 3, 2010

Final word of the day...

Well, in some time zones. I'm not going to post for a little while, but I wanted to write this down so I remember my goal and have people holding me to it.

So, my younger brother, the one who is married to the sister-in-law who is also writing a novel, just moved to California. He's at his dream job, working for Apple. Well, they're sending him on a recruiting trip as someone who did a summer internship and then got a job offer afterwards. The recruiting trip happens to be back here.

So, that happens September 21-3. In December, his wife gave me a copy of her manuscript to mark up and read to my heart's content and I told her she would have a copy of mine. I just hoped to have it finished before now since they moved a couple of weeks ago. Well, I'm going to make sure that my brother doesn't get on his return flight without a copy of my manuscript.

So that's the drop-dead date. September 23, I have to have this done. I don't think it's impossible. :)

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