Saturday, October 9, 2010

Revision neuroticism

So, I'm taking this one chapter at a time. Making notes to myself about what things need to be expanded. Surprisingly, most times I think of something I need to write in, I realize that I've already done it.

The only stuff that's really giving me hang-ups right now has to do with characterization. By and large, I've been staying away from some of the more emotionally volatile thoughts in the stream-of-consciousness narrative. Problem is, without them, it seems less than realistic. I don't want to put too much in and make a character an emotional cripple, but I don't want to skimp and make that character apathetic.

I have the bad habit that I take inability to write emotions personally. I don't deal very well with emotions, which is part of why I have a therapist, and I'm especially gunshy about exposing myself, even in fiction.

I have to wonder, when JK Rowling was creating the dementors based on her experience with depression, if she had this kind of problem.

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