Saturday, December 4, 2010


So, remember in my acknowledgments where I mentioned RR? The one who was my publicist pretty much? Well, she's been reading my book all the way through and giving me a little feedback. Tips on pacing, comments on dialogue, etc.

Well, the most fun I've had in months has been another thing that she's doing. She'll message me on Facebook with theories. It's incredibly helpful to see that someone as intelligent as her is still finding mystery in the whole thing. When I wasn't very far into writing, I asked H. of the cute kids and Philadelphia trip to make sure I wasn't giving too much away, but that was over the course of 17 pages of excerpts.

I cannot wait to see what she (RR) thinks of how the rest of the story because last night, I got a message from her with another theory and she's finally on to something! Though what I love is how I have never thought of how certain things could have played out. It's like Trey Stokes when he said that he never thought whether Han and Stacey (in Pink 5) went all the way until people started asking about it. She pointed out something in the prologue that strongly suggests one insidious thing that I didn't actually mean to be insidious and would make a lot of sense if her theory were correct!

In other news, I broke down and, for fun, wrote the first scene of book 2: placeholder-named Turncoat. I'm really lousy at titles. But I wrote the introduction to my incredibly fantastic future character Carp Milligan. In my head, the second book was going to originally start with the words "I awoke on my first morning in New York to find that a fish had moved in overnight." But no, this is Ella's Columbia freshman-year roommate, Carpathia Seward Milligan. First time I've had a name pre-date a character by a whole book. And when I got done with that scene, I sat back and realized that she is written to strongly resemble H.'s cousin who was, incidentally, a college roommate of mine.

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