Thursday, August 9, 2012


So, The Summer of Finishing Wingspan is in its last month and, you guessed it, I have not yet finished Wingspan.  So I took drastic measures.

Step 1 was resolving to write something, ANYTHING every day.  Even if that meant 200 words per day, it was something.

Step 2 was letting my friends convince me to sign up for Camp NaNoWriMo.  50,000 words in August.  Not sure how it'll work out. 

Step 3 was setting up incentives.

Step 2 is going fairly well.  It has a stats page where you can see how close to September 1 you are, meaning whether you'll finish on time or in December.  I am now at September 6.

Step 3 isn't very developed yet.  Mostly, it has been things like, "I finished my wordcount for the day.  Now I can have my popsicle!"  But I have something fun waiting for me at the end.

Last week, Katey and I went dress-shopping for a trip to see Les Miserables.  That show was amazing the fourth time around...  But back to the story.  So, we agreed to share opinions on dresses.  At one point, we stepped out of opposing dressing rooms to find that we were wearing the exact same dress.  She immediately said, "I saw it first!"  (Sometimes, Katey is like a little sister.)  Neither of us actually got that dress, but it made an impression.

So, today, I went back to that dress store and bought the dress.  It was 30% off as well, so that made me feel even better.  Then I handed the bag to Katey and ordered her not to let me wear it until the Sunday after I finished Wingspan.

I have graciously allowed her to borrow it until then. 

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