Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Waiting Game

So, I got my new phone, since the old one died a horrible and abrupt death.  That means that this Wednesday, I'll be posting a proper review of "Enslaved to Saved."  Look forward to that.

In the meantime, according to, it has been 16.12 hours since May 21, when I sent in my 99K manuscript to the editor and got a "The word count is perfect" back.  She then said she'd let me know within a few weeks.  So I'm currently obsessively checking my e-mail during the weekdays.  In the meantime, I posted my anticipation on Facebook, which lead to insider information.  The same friend who works there (and told me on Valentine's Day that one editor had liked it and I needed a second editor to get on board) IMed me to say "You haven't heard because she's been on vacation for a week."  I love my friend.  I really do.  

I also (injudiciously) got more active on Twitter recently.  The publisher shared a link to an article about the recent death of L. Tom Perry.  I commented on it. Then I saw a post about doughnuts and got into a lively debate about whether it's dialectically correct for me to insist on them being donuts because that's what they call them at Dunkin' on every other street corner and subway station in Boston.  Now I'm friends with a sportswriter who was my sparring partner.  The point of this story is that I kept getting e-mail notifications saying they were from the publisher and kept having trouble breathing.  Then I remembered that they were just replies or retweets of my commentaries.

Long story short, I've got the song "God, I hope I get it!  I hope I get it!" from A Chorus Line stuck in my head and I wonder when on earth I will hear back.


  1. Hi Kathryn,

    If I've done my googling properly, I think I've found the author of the post in Authors Publish magazine about wrangling the word-count beast...if not, don't I look silly! (I wish the magazine would include links to the authors of the posts.)

    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the piece, since I'm feeling like I'm in the midst of a similar word-slashing Ragnarok myself. Completely agree with you about how much fun it can be to start digging out the good stuff buried in there- and how liberating it can be! My 'out-takes' file is now always open, right alongside the word doc.

    All the best, and hope your wait is soon over.

    1. This is, indeed, the writer of that article. :). My waiting for a response is over and now I have deadlines to meet for the publisher who signed for my book.