Thursday, May 5, 2016

Blog tour: Now and forever

Happy Thursday!   Today, I'm featuring a collection of witty and warm-hearted stories that have caught my attention.  Here are a couple of examples to spark your interest.  My internet at home is being wonky, so I am posting from work without the gorgeous cover art, but you can check it out at the buying link at the bottom. 
Snippet from Perfect Pitch by Debbie White
“She’ll be obsessed with baseball, and not have much of a life beyond it until she meets the man of her dreams that is,” she said.
Zach brushed his hand across his face. He’d pausedbefore he spoke. “When you say it like that, makes it sound like baseball isn’t worth living for. It pays my bills, and not to mention the activity side of the sport. It keeps me in shape.”
He got that right. On and off the diamond, Colton was ripped. He had what many would describe as solid frame. It was beautiful and she admired his strength. It was most difficult to conduct the interview with well-defined pecs and a six-pack visible under his tight tee-shir . Someone had to do it, she giggled to herself.

Snippet for: Bound by Marriage: Looking Through Your Eyes by Brandi Gillilan
Light colored eyes were all but shooting fire at the older woman. “Let me get this straight.” Annabelle started listing the events with her fingers, “You tricked us into filling out questionnaires. Turned them into a matchmaking company.  And contractually obligated the three of us in arranged marriages if we want to keep Taking the Plunge as our business.”
The older lady smiled at her granddaughter, “You’ve always been a quick study Annabelle.


  1. Thank you for featuring our collection!

  2. Thank you for featuring our collection.