Friday, January 27, 2017

Welcome to the Book Tour for Battlementals:  Quest for the Harmonicon!

Let's introduce you to the characters with casting choices.  My computer is having issues at the moment, so I'll post the information and then edit later today.

Chase Freeman, the Air champion. Chase is a free spirit. This picture of Leonardo DiCaprio does a great job of capturing Chase’s look.

Jordan Rathburn, the Water champion. Alexis Bledell at the Teen Choice Awards has the look and the ponytail to be Chase’s best friend, Jordan.

Harlan Pendernack, the Earth champion. Although not as annoying as Urkel, Harlan is a nerd and this picture captures that image nicely.

Luke Rathburn, the Sun champion. Luke is younger than the rest of the cast. Mason Gamble, when he played Dennis the Menace, would’ve been perfect for the role.

Brendan Hastings, the Fire champion. Brendan is slightly older than the other children. Take a few years away from Thomas F. Wilson, when he played Biff in the first Back to the Future movie, and give him red hair and you have Brendan.  

Lena Colebert, the Moon champion. Lena tends to be cold and distant to the rest of the champions.  Winona Ryder, when she played Lydia Deetz in Beetlejuice, is a close match for how Lena should look.

And to round things off, an excerpt:

                Proteus nodded. “The six of you should remain together. Go with them and see if you can convince them of the seriousness of this quest. As strange as this world might seem to you, this is no dream. Keep in mind that the quest cannot long be delayed.”
                “I’ll do what I can,” said Chase.
                “I can ask no more of you than that,” said Proteus. His eyes widened as if a thought had come to him. “Take the Whisper with you.”
                Chase took a step back. Was the old man going to get weird? He wasn’t sure if he wanted Proteus whispering things in his ear. “No thanks. You can just tell me out loud whatever it is that you have to say.”
                “This Battlemental,” Proteus pointed to the cloud-voice-thing, “is a Whisper. I sent him to Earth to find you and then lead you to the summoning circle.”
                The name certainly fit the creature. When it spoke it sounded like a whisper you could hear inside your head. Chase wasn’t sure how helpful it would be, though.
                “Take it with you,” said Proteus. “It understands simple commands. Use it to guide you on your journey. When . . . I mean, should you change your mind about accepting the quest, send the Whisper to find me and I shall return.”
                Chase liked the idea of having his very own pet Battlemental and this one was pretty interesting. It sort of looked like a crumpled piece of paper that kept changing the shape of its crumples. And words sometimes appeared on it and then were gone. How awesome was that? “What do I feed it? Does it know any tricks? Will it bite me if I try to pet it?”
                Proteus laughed. “Whispers are gentle creatures, but I would not recommend petting it. It is capable of taking care of itself, so you won’t have to feed it. As to any tricks it might know, I will leave it to you and the Whisper to discover the answer to that.” 

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