Sunday, March 12, 2017


Welcome back to family friendly Sundays.  Not that I try to shock and alarm you the rest of the week, but yeah, I have reviewed things like zombies and vampires recently.

In 1987, according to the inscription, my aunt gave me this book for Christmas.  It's a series of stories about people in a city, told through the medium of an older brother drawing pictures for his younger sister.  Each story will start with him drawing something simple with one of his markers and then creating an entire world from that single form.  And all of these stories have to do with the peoples' obsession with eating the cherries and spitting out the pits.

The reason I love this story is the family dynamic that the book is based on.  It shows the loyalty of siblings, but each of the stories also depicts someone within a relationship with someone they care deeply about, be it a child or a parrot.  And yes, if you love someone, you share your cherries with them.  It's that simple.

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