Friday, April 23, 2010

What's in a name?

So, why the poll? Here’s some information on the options you have to the left:

I’ve got a good friend that we shall call R. for now. She’s an avid fan of many things, a great artist and a fun coworker as well. So, when she told me that Michael Anthony was too commonplace a name, I was hesitant to roll my eyes at her. I politely said that it would take an act of God to get me to change the name.

Well, today, she came over with a lovely post-it note full of suggestions based on the search term “of god” in a baby names site. I had considered making a compromise in making Anthony the first name because I am immovable on having that as part of the name.

Meanwhile, here are the meanings of the names:

Gabrian--God’s able-bodied one
Mitchell—variation on Michael
Nahtaniel—God has given
Oswald—Power of God
Tobin—Goodness of God

I added in Anthony, who is the patron saint of missing persons. Anthony’s last name would be Llwellyn, Welsh for “leader.”

So, vote if you even look at this blog once in a while. I’ll seriously consider whatever wins.


  1. lol--if you don't want to change it, then don't ultimately it is your story. But...since you asked...I've always liked the name Nathaniel...and I was tickled when I gained a brother in law named Nathan

  2. LOL, yes, it's a great name, but I take issue to naming characters after guys I've recently had crushes on.

  3. Tell more about Michael Anthony's character. And I don't think it's too commonplace at all. If anything, I'd say it's just perfect because tbh, I kinda hate reading stories where the author has obviously tried too hard to come up with an "original" sounding name.

    And the voting is just on the first name, correct?

  4. He's very easy-going on average, but is definitely one for righteous indignation and can be stubborn as hell. Very protective of those close to him, but a pacifist who will abandon something rather than get involved in a war.

  5. I like Michael--yes, it's a more common name, but it's comfortably common. It's a strong name, as well, and trying to think through what I've read...I don't remember meeting a Michael I didn't like. Keep Michael Anthony.

  6. I voted for Gabrian. Here's why:
    Mitchell -- too generic sounding, like a characters name in A Wrinkle In Time (and I like that book).
    Nathaniel -- too Biblical and obviously meaningful/symbolic. also, doesn't sound good with Llewlyn -- too many L sounds.
    Oswald -- Lee Harvey? kind of dumb and white-trash sounding.
    Tobin -- sounds like some forest wizard in Lord of the Rings.
    Gabrian -- a variation on Gabriel ("Man of God"), so it has a hint of Biblical, but it doesn't hit you over the head. Also, it sounds better with Llewlyn than Nathaniel does.

  7. LOL, great reasons. Actually, my complaint against Tobin is that I grew up in Boston and had to deal with traffic on the Tobin Bridge a lot. :)