Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Positive Reinforcement

So, I've been working for nearly 6 months for the USPS. A couple of weeks ago, I applied for a position with Inspection Services. That position got filled, but the boss emailed me with a very nice list of the reasons why he wanted me to apply again next time there was an opening. Since I'm planning on being there only until Summer term, I didn't think that would come around before I left or had to cut back hours. Well, over the weekend, I found out that they had two more openings and the guy emailed me again to ask if I was interested in applying.

So this morning, I get to work and find that there's a schedule change listing that I have "Coaching" at 2-2:15. That's usually code for performance review from my boss, but when I opened my email windows, I found another email from the aforementioned IS guy. It said that 2-2:15 he wanted to have an interview with me. I wish he had let me know, since I was wearing my slightly-fraying jeans and a t-shirt that is navy blue and almost acid-green. (I found it at JCPenney's yesterday when I needed a cheerup and it was only $5.52.)

I don't know yet if I got the job--it's only been 3+ hours since the interview--but it was a nice bit of positive reinforcement. Even if I don't get it, I got to hear that my current boss had recommended me highly, that I was confident without sounding arrogant and that I was obviously very good at self-managing.

This came on the heels of having a great phone call yesterday. I spent about an hour talking to my sister-in-law and she asked all kinds of questions about my book and queries and we laughed at ourselves a lot. It was an hour well-spent.

So, here's to the really little ways to make yourself happy!

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