Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stewing period

The writing process is a very intuitive thing and I've developed quite a routine over the years. Some things have changed, most have not.

But one of my most tried-and-true habits is one that drove my parents a little crazy at time when they knew I had a paper due. I would write my brains out and then walk away for a couple of hours. My theory was that if there's something wrong that I need to fix, I'll notice it when I come back after a while. It's always been true and mostly they didn't like knowing that I wasn't done with my projects.

So I always have a stewing period, where I walk away for a while and then come back. This last time, I didn't really mean to have that period. I've given myself "away time" from my book, but I've been pretty good recently about doing revisions on a regular basis.

I'm in the process of moving and I left the binder with my revisions in it at the old place. I finally got that back yesterday when I picked up some dresses, shoes, my desktop and external hard drive, but I still haven't looked at it since then. I'm going to leave it until after Tax Day. That is tomorrow, my taxes are already filed, but because I work for the USPS, there will be a thousand million gajillion people calling about their taxes tomorrow. My work acknowledges that it sucks so much, we actually get to come in our pajamas and have really good food.

Another thing I'm stewing on is my piano practice. I successfully played the Beethoven on April 9 and haven't played much of anything other than a Clementi sonatina last week. I am going to get my piano moved into the new place this coming Saturday and I will then go to Best in Music to find some new stuff to play. For example, I will be asking my mom about those Beautiful Beethoven Sonatas That You Should Really Play. I'm going to get some movie music. I might even dabble in Debussy.

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